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Invited Steering Committee Panels

Trans-generational Shadows: Witnessing the Other Within

Friday, April 20 • 4:15PM–6:00PM • LaSalle C

Speaker: Sue Grand, PhD, Jill Salberg, PhD, and Katie Gentile, PhD
Chair/Moderator: Martin Devine, PsyD

The panelists will examine trans-generational transmission of trauma within individuals, family systems, and culture. In working through intra-psychic, inter-personal, and cultural conflicts, we often encounter an internalized historic Other which has taken persecutory, projective, and dissociative forms. Through clinical illustrations, the panelists focus on the need to witness and integrate.

Cultural Haunting: Misogyny, Racism, Xenophobia, and the Emotional Burdens of Modern America

Saturday, April 21 • 2:00PM–3:45PM • LaSalle AB

Speaker:Annie Lee Jones, PhD, Ann Pellegrini, PhD, Usha Tummala-Narra, PhD, and Marilyn Charles, PhD, ABPP
Chair/Moderator: Donna Bender, PhD

This panel will investigate pernicious threads woven through the US cultural landscape underpinning the seemingly irrational and destructive stances of politicians, interest groups and the citizenry. What are the multiple meanings of skin color in private thoughts and public behaviors? What do immigrants represent to many Americans whose fear and hatred are linked with actively “forgetting” their own family history and that of the colonization and populating of this country? How are misogyny and racism suffused in attitudes demanding civil discourse and denial of the presence and power of anger? We look to a psychoanalytic perspective to assist us in making sense of the current group dynamics of a nation in upheaval.

Knowledge from Experience: Formative Encounters with Ghosts and Guardians

Saturday, April 21 • 4:15PM–6:00PM • LaSalle AB

Speaker: Dorothy Evans Holmes, PhD, ABPP, Nancy McWilliams, PhD, ABPP, Donnel Stern, PhD, and Elliot Jurist, PhD, PhD
Chair/Moderator: Stephen Anen, PhD

This panel takes a glimpse at wisdom refracting through seasoned clinician’s personal histories, exploring how formative experiences have potentially influenced their theoretical development and contributions. Panelists will examine how pivotal moments and relationships inform theory as well as guide them as clinicians.

Reconstructing Fatherhood: Out of Fragmentation and into Mutuality

Thursday, April 19 • 9:00AM–10:45AM • LaSalle AB

Speaker: C. Jama Adams, PhD, Robert Grossmark, PhD, and Adrienne Harris, PhD
Chair/Moderator: Louis Rothschild, PhD

From intergenerational conflict between father/son soldiers to caretakers making incoherent and halting efforts at home while simultaneously struggling in a social economy of inequality and decreasing opportunities, father conjures romantic and melancholic nostalgia. This panel will examine and explore Father as an individual actor and metaphor regarding particular manners of relating.

Developmental Haunting Grounds: Do Past and Future Haunt or Protect?

Friday, April 20 • 2:00PM–3:45PM • LaSalle C

Speaker: Marsha Levy-Warren, PhD, Joyce Slochower, PhD, and Chris Bonovitz, PsyD
Chair/Moderator: John Rosengrant, PhD

There are moments when people consciously observe themselves in transition from an earlier self to a new self. Adolescence (the transition from childhood to adulthood) and Late Adulthood (the transition from adulthood to old age) are developmental phases when such reflection is especially likely. This panel will explore experiences that lead to moving on freely from the earlier phase or being haunted by it, as well as experiences that contribute to making the impending phase welcoming or frightening.