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Poster Presentations for 2018

The posters will be presented on Thursday evening, April 19 at 6:30PM at the Opening Reception in Frenchmen Ballroom. Abstracts for these posters are available for download here.


Bilingual Clients’ Perspectives in Speaking in Their Non-native English Language During Psychoanalytic Treatment and Psychoanalysis
Anna Maria Baldauf, MA | Illinois School of Professional Psychology


An Examination of Subjective Clinical Competency
Amanda M. Clark, MS | Katherine Cadwalader, MS | Behnoosh Nadealizadeh, MA, Nova Southeastern University


Does Personality Organization Effect Empathic Perspective Taking?
Morgun Custer, MA | University of Tennessee Knoxville


A Dynamic Exploration into Mentalization Amongst Youth on the Spectrum
Rosalyn DeVincentis, MS | Theodore Ellenhorn, PhD, ABPP | Antioch University New England


When the Campus is Not a Sanctuary: Assessing the Needs of Undocumented Students at Private Universities
Jordan Dunn, MA | Vivian Khedari, MA | Doris F. Chang, PhD | The New School for Social Research; Eliza Wierzbinska, MA | Adelphi University


Repressed Feminine in Women Scientists
Diane Eardley | Oksana Yakushko, PhD | Pacifica Graduate Institute


Complementary Relationships and the Death of the Third in the Underworld: An Inpatient, Hospital-Based Psychoanalytic Training Program
Benjamin Greenberg, MA | Juliana Campos, MA | Cassondra Feldman, MS | Alexandra Farber, MA | Pavel Litvin, MA |  California Pacific Medical Center


The Role of Emotion Regulation in the Relationship Between Attachment and Personality Organization
Kseniia Gvozdieva, MA | Sasha Rudenstine, PhD | The City College of New York


Countertransference in the Grieving Substance Abuse Clinician
Clayton Hartmann, MA | The New School for Social Research


Alexithymia and Psychological Defenses: A Meta-Analysis
Madeline A. Huffstickler, BA | The George Washington University


Decision Making in Orthodox Jewish Courtship: A Qualitative Analysis
Yosef Jacobs, BA | Joseph Newirth, PhD | Karen Lombardi, PhD | Adelphi University


Intergenerational Effects of Anaclitic and Introjective Traits
Daniel Jureller, BA | Olivia Kleinman, BA | James Sexton, PhD | The George Washington University


Comparison of Interpretations of CBT and Psychodynamic Therapies
Andrea Keffer, MSEd | Joseph Newirth, PhD | Karen Lombardi, PhD | Adelphi University


The Relationship Between Interpersonal Problems and Working Alliance in Psychodynamic Therapy
Brandon Less | Ghita Jaouhari | Katherine Chase, PsyD | Elisa Lee, PhD | Mengchun Chiang, PhD | Adam Conklin, PhD | Cambridge Health Alliance/Harvard Medical School


Researching Racial/Ethnic Minority Group Student Clinicians’ Experiences of the Use of Videotaping in Supervision: New Findings
Shelley Marfori | Richard Ruth, PhD | Stacey Dershewitz, PsyD | Niles Muzyk, PsyD | Shelley Maxell, MPsyD | Rupa Kalahasthi, MA | Isabella Sierra, BA | The George Washington University


Therapist Attachment and Client Perceived Ruptures During the Early Therapy Relationship
Cheri Marmarosh, PhD | Kaiwen Liu, MA | Rachel Fenton, MA | Chiara Abbatelli, MA | Xi Bi, MA | Jasmine Kaleka, BS | Jordan Ohanesian, BS | Molly Tulipan, BS | The George Washington University


Does Sexual Desire Inspire Creativity and Is That Capacity Diminished Among Borderline Individuals?
Patrick Mele, BA | Lawrence Josephs, PhD | Adelphi University


Emotional Intelligence Among Ethnic Groups and its Effect on Psychiatric Outcomes
Aura-Maria Morales, MA | Leo Cancelmo, BA | Laurel Wright, MPH | Graduate Center City University of New York; Sasha Rudenstine, PhD | The City College of New York


Is It Safe Yet? Discovering Expressions of Historical Lingering in the Clinical Encounter
Kim-Tuyen T. Nguyen, MA | Alliant International University


The Relation Between Epistemic Trust and Borderline Pathology in an Adolescent Inpatient Sample
William Orme, PhD | Lauren Bowersox, PhD | Baylor College of Medicine, The Menninger Clinic; Salome Vanwoerden, MA | Carla Sharp, PhD | University of Houston


Parenting a Child with Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Qualitative Exploration of the Parental Fantasy
Kimberly J. Otero, BS | Joseph Newirth, PhD | Karen Lombardi, PhD | Adelphi University


Recurrent Dreams: A Qualitative Analysis
Julian Rapaport, MA | Joseph Newirth, PhD | Karen Lombardi, PhD | Adelphi University


The Impact of Fearful Attachment Style on Nightmares and Disturbed Sleep in Psychiatric Inpatients
Joseph Reed, MA | Baylor College of Medicine, The Menninger Clinic Houston; Katrina Rufino, PhD | University of Houston, The Menninger Clinic Houston


Personality Organization, Attachment, and Emotion Regulation
Connor L. Smith, BS | Timothy Hulsey | University of Tennessee Knoxville


Subjective Experiences of Paternal Abandonment and Adult Relationships
Esther Streicher, MA | Joseph Newirth, PhD | Karen Lombardi, PhD | Adelphi University


A New Approach to Racism: Understanding Racial Prejudice as Epistemic Threat Reduction
Mike Strupp-Levitsky, MA | Benjamin Sanders, PhD | Long Island University


How Helpful Do Different Socioeconomic Groups Find Distinct Therapeutic Interventions?
John Garrett Tanner, MA | Dr. Rebecca Curtis | Adelphi University


The Relational Perspective of Identity Development in African American Women
Latoya Taylor, MA | Cheryl Munday, PhD | Harold Greene, PhD | University of Detroit Mercy


Death and Blindness: The Loss of Sight as Re-Identification of the Self
Leslie Thompson, MA | Alejandro Moreno, PhD | University of Monterrey; Marilyn Charles, PhD, ABPP | Austen Riggs Center


The Spirit and Practice of the European Psychoanalytic Free Clinic Movement: Signs of Life Across America
Theresa Clement Tisdale, PhD, PsyD | Azusa Pacific University


Somatization and Healthcare Utilization in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy
Thomas Westerling, III, PhD | Rebecca Drill, PhD | Carrie M. Potter, PhD | Julia A. Ernst, LCSE | Jack Beinashowitz, PhD | Cambridge Health Alliance/Harvard Medical School



Poster Submissions

Poster submissions were evaluated by the Division 39 Research Committee.

Acceptances were emailed in mid-December, 2017.

The two highest ranking posters from a trainee or ECP (Early Career Professional) will be selected as Division 39 Scholars at the Poster Presentation Session on Thursday evening.